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Keeper Logic


In a PPR league, how do the values of Travis Kelce and Andrew Luck compare if they can be kept in the same round. My gut says to keep Luck but Kelce is an elite TE when the QB’s are so deep.


Scoring? How many teams? These details matter, but off the cuff, I’d go Luck. TE is a wasteland, true, but How long will Kelce be elite? TE is also unpredictable. Think Jimmy Graham. One minute people were ready to about him GOAT over Gronk, and look how that turned out. Luck has had some injuries as of late, but he is a stud who will only get better, (health permitting). He hasn’t even scratched his prime.


Also, what round are we talking?


Thanks for the reply. The league I’m in is a 12 team PPR, IDP. You can keep 3 offense and 3 defensive positions which are the last 6 rounds of the draft so I’m out nothing for keeping either one of them. I’m locked up on my WR and RB keepers but I have Luck but I’m tempted by Kelce who is currently on another team but I can trade pre-draft for the right to keep him.


I’d probably stand pat with Luck. Redraft, Id go Kelce, but keeper-wise, Luck


not luck. kelce. kelce is a top tier guy in a shallow class of TEs. plus, luck may miss the first 6 weeks of the season still. that makes it super easy for me.


I second Buster, Kelce is the clear answer here. If you want to talk value Kelce is currently going in the 3rd round whole Luck is going in the late 6th. You can draft a capable qb in double digit round and be just fine. While I like waiting on te as well, there is much less depth in that position.

Kelce is die for an uptick due to the departure of Maclin. Meanwhile, Luck isn’t throwing yet.

Using Graham as a counterpoint is a very poor example. Graham declined due to suffering a devastating injury and changing teams. Qbs can vary greatly in value too (see Matt Ryan, or alternatively Cam Newton).