Keeper - Mahomes or Cook

10 team 0.5 PPR. Need to pick one Keeper. I have the 3rd overall pick in the upcoming draft.

Dalvin Cook at 1.03

Mahomes at 2.08

I’m really keeping Mahomes and taking Kelce at 1.03 for the stack. Am I crazy for considering taking Kelce in the first round just for the stack?

Depending on who is available it’s not crazy. I would ideally rather not take Kelce at 1.03 but in 10 team a dominating te could be a huge advantage. I think I would rather take a rb.

But Kelce and Mahomes stack is difficult to top. If you’re confident you can get enough rb to be competitive then sure I’m OK with it. In 10 team I’d love the elite te, but I’d be terrified if my rb options are lacking as a result of it.

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