Keeper: Martavis or Pryor?

Both would count as last round picks for me. I’m leaning towards Bryant cause I’m thinking he’s gonna have a monster season but Pryor currently has a higher ADP, so value-based, it makes more sense to take Pryor? ANy advice would be super awesome thanka again. I’m picking 2nd and going to take Bell as I’m positive DJ is going 1st.

I’d for sure go Bryant in a keeper league. Way higher upside in my opinion

As a Michigan Wolverine fan who hates the Buckeyes completely, I say that I would take Pryor. Both are incredible athletes, both are in high volume offenses with really good QBs. Both might be playing with a different QB next year. But this year, Bryant is #3 in the pecking order behind AB and Leveon. Pryor is only behind Reed and that is only until Reed is hurt (because it IS a when, not an if).

So for future keeper consideration, Bryant has shown serious judgment issues. He is one slip up away from a 1 year suspension and … Josh Gordon?

Recent reports are that Martavis isn’t yet officially reinstated and as of now cannot take part in team practices or games. Until that is no longer the case, Pryor is easily the answer.

When do you have to decide by? Keep an eye on the Martavis news and see if he is reinstated yet. That makes your decision a bit easier.

I have a while to decide my keeper. Its a one year keeper also…