Keeper- Melvin 2.06 Rnd, Lindsey 6.06 Rnd and more

Hey all!

I am in a half ppr keeper league and our keepers are value picks.

Melvin- give up 2nd round pick
Lindsey- give up 6th round pick
Gurley- give up 2nd round pick


Gurley and Lindsay. I would keep Gordon if he had his contract figured out before your draft, but if the draft was today, no. DEN said their RBs will be in more of a 50/50 split, but Lindsay was one of the most efficient runners and is a big play style guy that he should still put up good numbers. Plus he’s been going in the 5th round, so you get a little value back. Gurley will be a top10 RB this season unless he misses time with injury.

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