Keeper methods

What are some methods you guys used to select keepers in your leagues. I’m the commish of a keeper league this year and can’t decide how I want to choose our leagues. Planned on doing 2 keepers…

We allow for a single player to be kept one time before it having to reset.

  1. Teams can only keep any one player for one additional season (1-yr as a keeper on your team).

2a. If player is in the first year of being kept (i.e. he wasn’t kept by any of the other 11 teams the previous year) he retains the draft position he was taken at from the previous year. Players picked up off waivers are 16th round keepers.

2b. If player is in the second year or greater of being kept by any team he must be kept at the Average Draft Position (ADP) at the time of the previous years draft still retaining some value for the current season.

  1. When a player is not kept by any of the 12 teams in a single year all rules governing that one player reset at the next years draft.

We are doing 3 keepers

Before the draft you can decide which 3 players you would like to keep for the upcoming year. You will then pick the player at the draft round you got them the year before. E.g. if you picked Adam Theilen in the 9th round in 2018 you could keep him as your 9th round pick in 2019.

If you wanted to keep him for 2020 then you would increase a round so he would be an 8th round pick.

There is a limit of 3 years for the same player.

If a player is picked off the waiver wire and picked as a keeper then he will start as a 9th round pick.

If a player drafted that year is traded then he retains the draft position he was drafted at.

If a player who was a keeper that year is traded he diverts to his average draft position round and can’t be kept by a different player for the original players keeper price.