Keeper: Miles Sanders for 5th or Josh Jacobs for 3rd?

I was set on Miles Sanders for a 5th round pick before the injury report. Should I consider Josh Jacobs for a 3rd round pick instead?

If you have to decide now then Jacobs but if not til draft wait for more news before deciding.

Keeper selection due Saturday evening. Draft is on Sunday. I still lean Miles b/c of the 2 round value difference, even if Miles misses 1-2 games.

How many years do you get to keep your keepers? I realize Miles is in the 5th, but, in my opinion, getting Jacobs at 3rd price and possibly 2nd price next year beats Miles Sanders. But I’m with Andy on how high I view Jacobs.

It’s only a 1 year keeper league. I’ve got some thinking to do. Thanks for feedback.