Keeper: Mixon or Andrews

Deciding whether to keep Mixon in the 2nd or Mark Andrews in the 14th. I’m already keeping Barkley in 1st and Godwin in 5th.

12 team Full PPR.

Even though I’m a Lamar hater and expect TD regression, Andrews in the 14th is an absolute bargain. Andrews is the pick no doubt


Andrews is the better value but if all the RBs are going to be kept then I can understand Mixon… however, his migraines do make me nervous.

For context, I kept Andrews as a 12th

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I agree with the TD regression but I have a feeling their games will be more competitive. Which to me, would mean more pass attempts which should compensate for the regression

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Thanks! First time doing a keeper league and trying to figure out strategy. I want great value but I don’t want to be stuck with scrubs…