Keeper - Mixon, Thielen, Drake

I have Kareem Hunt (3rd round), Davante Adams (7th round) and need to pick a 3rd keeper.

Mixon (4th round), Thielen (11th round), Drake (15th round).

I still have my first 3 picks (trade for an extra 3rd rounder), and will get either Odell or Julio first round. I’m assuming all the top RBs will be kept, so I am leaning towards keeping Mixon. I like his upside this year. Thielen is great value but there are so many WRs available later in the draft, RBs harder to come by.

What do you guys think, is Mixon the right call? Thanks.

Standard league, 10 teams, 7th pick each round.

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I’m unsure why you have the 7th pick each round… seems a little sketchy… but I lean Mixon. Second choice would be Thielen.

I would keep Thielen for the 11th round since he is going earlier than that usually. And then you would still have your first 4 picks to grab a rookie RB or whoever is not kept at RB. But Mixon is not a bad pick either, especially in a 3 keeper league where most top RBs are kept. It’s a tough call! :grimacing:

I just meant that it’s not a snake draft. We set it reverse order of how you finished last year, same pick each round. Thanks for the reply.

I know Thielen is great value. My only hesitation is that if I can have Julio/Odell and Adams, that is a great WR core. RBs will be harder to come by, Mixon will be a 2nd round pick after all the keepers. Thanks for the reply.

I’m taking Drake for the 15th rounder. I’m a pretty big believer in Drake. He has some issues he needs to figure out but athletically, he is a gifted runner and it shows up on film. His cuts are very, very nice. He needs to learn some of the scheme stuff better but honestly, I view him as a pretty strong RB2 with RB1 upside and getting that in the 15th round is pretty valuable. And given its a keeper league not dynasty, I don’t think there will be much of a gap between Drake’s performance and Mixons performance this year tbh. I think Mixon probably has more competition because Bernard is actually talented at what he does and is a good running back whereas Gore is old AF and Ballage is just straight trash. There is no competition for drake there.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Drake is better than Mixon outright, but I think the gap between them is very small for this year and is definitely not worth the gap between a 4th round pick and a 15th round flier.

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Mixon all day. hes going to end up moving up on the board barring any injuries could probably go top of the 3rd round really. he could also finish as a top 10 back this year. great value.

Drake, then take Mixon in the 2nd.