Keeper Offer for Zeke

I have the #3 overall pick, and the Zeke owner has the #14 overall pick. He is offering to trade me Zeke for my first round pick.

1RB 2WR 2Flex - 14 team standard keeper

Gurley, Hunt, Hopkins are being kept by other players. You think I should take this?

Do you have to give up anything else to keep Zeke? Zeke at 1.03 isn’t exactly getting value (unless, of course, all the other top guys are keepers, which seems likely), but it’s not a reach either, so for me, if there’s no other cost, it’s a solid trade. Hard to evaluate withouy a full picture though.

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Basically he gets the #3 pick and I get Zeke. Gurley and Elliott are keepers, so if I do not take this trade then they won’t be available. Best case i’d get Kamara, DJ, or Brown.

If I do take this trade it is as if I drafted him #3 overall anyway.

Yea, I’d definitely do that then

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Yes I wouldn’t hesitate he is one of the few that can win u a league and at number 3 I better hope AB or DJ land to u

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