Keeper opinions: any advice helps!

Please provide input on keeper options. Anything helps! Thanks!

10-team, superflex, 1/2 point PPR, 3 keep league. I have the 5th pick:
Michael Thomas for 1st and 8th round picks
Tyreek Hill for 2nd and 12th round picks
Cooper Kupp for a 4th round pick
Mark Ingram for a 5th
Dak Prescott for a 7th
DK Metcalf for a 10th
AJ Brown for a 13th

I would keep Ingram, Metcalf, and Brown. I dont know that I would be willing to give up two picks when I may be able to redraft that player or a similar talent with just one of those picks. Plus these three will give you good depth/flex with upside and you can use your first four picks drafting your starters. I think Ingram is a starter.

Thank you! I could also keep Marc Andrews for a 12th (or 11th depending on if I keep Hill). Would that change anything?

Yea I would take andrews and metcalf.

I’d keep Thomas, Andrews, and brown

sorry, it’s superflex, would replace Andrews with Prescott for sure

What are your opinions of trading into the first round, whether or not I keep Thomas for a first?