Keeper opinions: anything helps!

10-team, superflex, 1/2 point PPR, 3 keep league. I have the 5th pick. Please provide input on keeper options. Anything helps! Thanks!

Michael Thomas for 1st and 8th round picks
Tyreek Hill for 2nd and 12th round picks
Cooper Kupp for a 4th round pick
Mark Ingram for a 5th
Dak Prescott for a 7th
DK Metcalf for a 10th
AJ Brown for a 13th

Based on pure value, I would say AJ Brown is a lock because he’s probably going to be a 5th-sih rounder. Similarly DK for a 10th as he’s likely going to be around the same range. The top two are tough but I’d prefer Tyreek because 8th rounder is going to be potentially useful as a gap filler for your roster where 12th rounder is more of a dart throw. Kupp and Ingram seem closer to their likely draft position to me and I personally avoid QBs early cause you can always scoop something up later.

Thank you! I could also keep Marc Andrews for a 12th (or 11th depending on if I keep Hill). Does that change anything?

I’d be going 100% with Dak here and then either DK, AJ, or Cooper Kupp as the other two. Obviously I love Tyreek and MT but draft them again with only one pick and keep those other three - your team will be stacked and sacrifice no depth.

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for me the 10 team makes values shift a bit, but here are my thoughts.

Dak in the 7th for a SF league is pretty strong. Hard to pass on that.

AJB in the 13th is next for me. That level of production in the 13th…c’mon…that is easy money.

DK in the 10th. See above, but the value is so much better for AJB he gets the nod above. Every one else looks like where they would go. No value there. Losing 2 rounds on MT and T Hill makes them an easy pass for me despite their tremendous upside.

I hope that helps out a bit!


What are your opinions of trading into the 1st round, whether or not I keep Thomas with a 1st?

Wanted to clarify my first comment in that I totally glossed over the fact that you said superflex so I agree Dak becomes a must for me.

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