Keeper options 10 team 2qb ppr

Keep 1 of these:
Crabtree in the 8th
Dalton in 9th
Dak in 10th…
I have the 10th pick in draft FYI.

I kinda like Crabtree here. I think the value on both QBs is also good, due to the league type. That said, I like me some Crabs.

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I agree with keeping Crabby but Dalton is predicted to be a deep sleeper this season

Crabtree for sure. The other two aren’t really values at 9th and 10th.

Whether people want to admit it or not Crabtree is the #1 in Oakland so def keep him.

I do like Crabtree as a 1. Dalton and dak will both be gone by the 4th -5th im sure… but I could snag 2 qb’s on my second set of picks

No question I’d keep Crabtree here. You can find comparable QBs later and always stream if necessary.

I’ve got a keeper question if you don’t mind weighing in?

In a 2 QB league, those QBs are values.

I really kinda like the upside gillis could have… this from a former Lewis owner. (the good year) but ne rbs are a flip of the coin more often. But it’s a good flip to have a ticket to.