Keeper Options - can keep up to 3

I can keep up to 3 keepers in a 10 team half-ppr league. One of the 3 keepers would be a “restricted keeper”, which is limited to a player being kept in the 6th round or later. Restricted keepers can be bid on and stolen by any owner in the league if they are willing to use an earlier draft pick on said player. I would have the right-of-last-refusal to match any attempt to steal my own restricted keeper. Below are the names and round I would lose in the draft by keeping them. I appreciate the feedback!

  • Joe Mixon - 3rd
  • Michael Thomas - 4th
  • Kerryon Johnson - 9th
  • George Kittle - 15th
  • Kenny Golladay - 15th

Mixon/Thomas are guaranteed locks. I would want Kittle with the 15th, but someone will bid that up. Just depends how much you’re willing to spend on him. Someone smart would offer a 5th round for him. Since you’re losing your 3rd & 4th with your other keepers, you’ll have to give up a 2nd to keep him. Then they get Kittle at decent value. At least that’s what I would do lol. If you feel like someone may do this, then I would try to keep Kerryon or Galladay and not be too upset if I lost them on a high bid.

So if I’m understanding your rules correctly, Mixon and Thomas would just be 3rd and 4th round, with no risk of someone outbidding you, correct?

In that event, those 2 would be 2 of my 3 keepers. Both are good value as it is, especially Thomas, so they seem like locks.

For the other, Golladay would probably be the most likely to sneak through without someone trying to steal him. 15th round would be great for him. Kittle, I can see someone offering a 3rd or 4th for him, so what would you do there if you’re keeping someone in those rounds? Lose the next highest you can, meaning 2nd round? Same situation with Kerryon?

MT, KJ, and GK. its not even close in my mind. MT is a locked and loaded WR1 in any format. Kerryon has crazy good value in the 9th, and is protected by kittle being your restricted guy. and kittle is such good value, but whats even better is the chances of someone trying to swipe him at a super high value are slim, because then the whole reason to have him kind of slips away. the value. i could see someone saying they will keep him for a 10th, to force you to make it an 8th (9th round kerryon keeper) but even if so, im down with kittle for an 8th. so i think in the end that will be what it ends up as. MT for a 4th, GK for an 8th, and KJ for an 9th. thats some killer value IMO.