Keeper Options Help

Hi guys,

Need some help with choosing my last keeper. If Gordon is still holding out in a few weeks, do i go with Kareem Hunt for a 10th round or Melvin Gordon for a 4th?


I think you still roll the dice with Gordon. Gordon doesn’t have much leverage in this situation. At the very latest he will be sitting out until Week 11 (probably would be back sooner). This would put him at missing only 2 more games than Hunt is missing. Furthermore, when Hunt does come back, he is still #2 in that backfield, whereas Gordon would instantly regain his starter position on a team most likely in the playoff hunt.

The only reason I think you don’t take Gordon is if you think you can get a full time contributor for the pick you would get if you chose not to keep him. But if you are passing on Gordon, keeping Hunt, all to get that 4th round pick back which nets you a WR 2/3 type player, I say you just gamble on Gordon and hope he comes back sooner rather than later.

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