Keeper options. Parker/Waller/Ridley

10 team standard league
Can keep Parker or Waller in the 8th, or Ridley in the 9th.
Hearing good things about Ridley but have a soft spot for the other two.

I gotta go Ridley on this one, like Parker’s outlook as long as Fitzmagic is still the guy flinging the ball, but if they trade up to get Burrow like reports are saying, having a first year QB would worry me a tad. Ridley’s going on year 3 with Matty Ice so there’s history there, and kid Is poised to break out the way we’ve been waiting for.

Waller. I’m really not sure. One side of me says it’s easier to find a top 25 Wide Receiver than it is to find a consistent Tight End. The other side of me says if Vegas picks up a WR in the 1st rd of the draft, Wallers target share is gonna take a hurting with 2 viable WR’s and Josh Jacobs who’s gonna have a big season.

Hope this helps

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I’d go Ridley basically by process of elimination. I agree with @TheChrisFix about Parker 100%, and similar thinking about Waller but even if they don’t pick up a high end WR. This article goes into way more detail than I could but boils down to: last year may have been his peak because of quite a few good breaks.


Thanks for the help!
I hadn’t actually seen reports about Phins wanting to trade up…if Fitz is slinging than he’d be hard to pass but whether they trade up for Burrow or go for Tua it could be the same issue eventually.

Thanks for linking that article! Can safely rule out Waller. I owned him all season and he seemed a lot better than he was. I didn’t realise he only had 3 tds…I’ll just keep talking him up so someone in my league reaches for him.

Looks like Ridley is the front runner! Only positives really. I don’t think Parker has the upside if someone else got injured, but if Julio went down then Ridley skyrockets

It’s Parker for me.
With what we know today, Parker is the WR1 there, with Fitz throwing him the ball, while Ridley can explode, but he will still be the second option behind Julio.

Pre draft I’d say Parker. Post draft, who knows ! Lol

Ridley: proven production, proven QB, proven Offense and system, should start seeing the gap between he and Julio tighten

Preston: sharing WR1 w Parker, flashed as rookie, QB?, never trust Miami!!

my 2 cents