Keeper options/risk

12 Team PPR, I can keep 2:

  • James Conner 10th rd
  • Damien Williams 15th rd
  • Devonta Freeman 6th rd
  • Kerryon Johnson 6th rd
  • Andrew Luck 7th rd
  • Phillip Lindsay 15th rd

There is a 2 round penalty for subsequent years

I am leaning towards James Conner/Damien Williams but the risk factor with Williams scares me

Should I go James Conner / Kerryon Johnson instead?
Also FYI I am drafting at 9th spot snake draft

I’m keeping Conner in the 10th and Kerryon in the 6th.

I wouldn’t fault you for going Williams in the 15th instead of Kerryon. But I’m just higher & you know he’ll be the main guy all year if healthy.

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I just flipped Williams in a keeper league rather than having to make that decision… while I’m not yet adjusting my personal rankings, the fact that an established NFL veteran is taking first team snaps while he’s injured is a bit concerning. For all the knocks on Hyde for the past few years (lack of use in the passing game, inefficiency on the ground) this is the Chiefs’ offense we’re talking about, and a good showing could close the gap between Williams and Hyde.

I think I’d probably STILL go with Williams in the 15th… his ceiling is just so high. But going with Kerryon wouldn’t be an awful choice either.

For me it’s a pretty easy answer, Williams and Connor.

Conner and Johnson