Keeper options thoughts

10 team nonppr, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 te, 2 flex. Draft is next weekend and i’m still trying to decide on who to take as a third keeper. There’s no round penalties and your three keepers just count towards your first three rounds of picks. I’ll be drafting at the 4.3 when the snake starts up. Currently have DJ and Michael Thomas locked in as two of my keepers. However, my third keeper can be either Melvin Gordon (recently acquired in a trade for Fournette), Damien Williams, D Freeman, Kerryon, or possibly Allen but i’ve mostly ruled him out. Is Gordon worth the risk if he doesn’t have his deal by next week sometime? Any Williams truthers out there that truly believe? Kerryon seems to be skyrocketing in ADP as well

It’s Kerryon all the way.

i really don’t like the fact he doesn’t want to the every down guy and i think he’ll have problems with TDs being vultured inside the 5…

Melvin is a NO from me… He may play or he may not… Def not worth it to take the chance IMO… If he does sign before you draft then he is the easy pick.

Williams is your home run guy… If you wanna swing for the fences then keep him… He might be a stud in the best offense in football or he might get surpassed by someone else… He is an unknown forsure but he could be worth the pay off.

The next two guys I see as safe.

Freeman should have a bounce back year and I think he has a super safe floor as a solid RB2 and RB1 upside. So if you want the safe bet go him.

Kerryon has a safe FLEX floor in my opinion but if he does turn into what all the hype is he could be a steal and turn into a RB1…

But honestly you have to look at all those guys at a 3rd round pick with your keeper rules.

Freeman, kerryon are both adp of 3rd round.
Williams is a round 2 adp…

So honestly your not getting a STEAL on anyone.

So it depends on how you want to construct your team as to who you take… Hope this helps some

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