Keeper Options!

Need some help for picking keepers this year, here’s all the helpful facts.

This is a 10 man full ppr 20 round draft.
3 keepers can be selected including a free rookie(20th round).

My best available options for my free rookie is either dalvin cook or Christian Mccaffrey.

After that I have 2 more keepers to choose.
Evan Engram 14th round
Deshaun Watson 15th round
Carson Wentz 19th round

What should I do footclan?

I think you gotta go Wentz and Engram. An MVP caliber QB at the end of the draft is a pretty sweet deal, and Engram has top 5 TE potential. My gut reaction is to take Cook as your free rookie, but I also don’t play PPR so it’s hard for me to factor in the fact that CMc is as much receiver as he is RB…