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Keeper options


Murray in the 4th or Ty Montgomery in the 16th. 10 team ppr redraft. This one has been burning my brain. Thanks!


This one’s tough, but I would take TY Montgomery and target Jamaal Williams in late rounds.

Note: It’s Demarco Murray right?


Yeah, it’s Demarco. Been going back and forth about this to help out a family member just starting.


The old “asking for a friend.”


Lol, I’d defend saying it really is but I’d be wasting my thumb strength.


I’d take Montgomery for sure. Think of it this way: Murray and McFadden/Chris Thompson/Hurns or similar or Montgomery and Crowell/Mixon/Adams/Landry/Pryor?

Easy call to me.


I’d take Murray. Ty has a huge outcome of possibilities from being great to losing his job. Outside of his year in Philly Murray has been solid. Murray has a pretty high floor and will repeat as a top 10 back. I’d rather keep him and pair him with 2 solid WR and another RB. If you (they) :joy: are new to fantasy also makes their introduction easier with Murray.


TY isn’t built like an RB, and he doesn’t run like one either. But…for a 16th round value it is really tempting. I feel as though Jamaal will take carries later in the season and on the goal line. That is bad for both runners.

For me the choice is Murray, he is an amazing talent on a run first team. I love a nice reliable RB at a good value.


I like Montgomery’s upside this season. Not a whole lot for GB to fall back on after him for guaranteed production. Also, he’s definitely the go-to target through the air out of that backfield…almost guarantees him every 3rd down opportunity.


I will also add that there are whispers in the air about GB picking up an RB from the free agency. I have a hope they are waiting for either Hyde or Ingram to hit the market to take one of those. The packers have quietly opened up some cap space (18+ Mil).


Thanks for all the input #footclan


Both are a great value, but I’d take the sure thing in DeMarco Murray. Montgomery in the 16th is tempting because of the value, and the upside, getting an RB1 for a 4th rounder is too good to pass up.


Montgomery is 6’0 223 lbs. He’s built more like an RB than WE. He was an RB.


He runs like a WR, he’ll have to fix that or he won’t last.


I think i would keep Murray…The only way he loses his touches will be injury.


Or they don’t want to waste a second full year of a second round pick on a rookie contract…?


Or they want to preserve their stud…