Keeper or dynasty leauge

I’m either looking to create or join one, does anyone want in or have an open spot?

I’m looking to join a dynasty league

Hey I actually just posted looking to join a dysanty. If you start one up I’m in!

I would be interested in joining either a keeper or dynasty

I’m thinking about starting one on sleeper

I’m thinking of starting one on sleeper download the app if interested

I am probably gonna start one on sleeper download the app if interested

I downloaded the app… ThatDiesel is my username.

I am definitely interested in joining one if you create one. I have experience with re draft leagues, and stay competitive all year long on an up year or down year.

I’ve never played in a dynasty league, but I’d like to.

I am interested in joining a Dynasty league as well.
Sleeper username: mfisch27
Let me know if you start one up

is this free or?

My Sleeper username is: DerekCarnes, im interested if free.

Yeah, it’s free. I never play for money.

I’m the commissioner of a 12 team, .5 PPR, Super Flex dynasty league on Sleeper. Mostly friends & family. 20.00 buy in, league bylaws, perpetual league trophy for both champion and loser. I’m looking for a co-manager for one of the teams. If anyone has any interest send me a private message. We’re based out of Arizona.