Keeper - pick 3

I’d love to keep my whole team, but unfortunately I can only keep 3. Who would you keep, and why?

$250 budget. RBs are usually insanely expensive. half ppr

Saquon $86
James White $5
Sony Michel $19
Juju $20
Tyreek $26
Ertz $19
Edelman $5

White, Juju, and Tyreek.

Wildcard move for the year…could you convince your league mates to go full PPR?

Saquon juju and tyreek because they’re the three best fantasy options. Get a top 4 RB and two top 6 WR’s.

Honestly I’m like 95% on Juju and Tyreek (now that no suspension…)

For me it’s a toss-up between Ertz, Quon, Edelman and White. A big part of me wants to go Quon just to lock him up, but Edelman and White are SO cheap.

Sony is kind of a distant 4th/5th/whatever

JJSS/Hill are no brainers.

Then I’d probably keep Saquan even though he’s expensive. That’s a great base to build off of and fill out your rosters with the remaining 50%.

James white although enticing, is just a no. You’d have to spend over 40-50% easily on saquon in the aucton so it’s not like you get no value there. Plus can keep him again after he lights the league up again this year. You’re getting 2 top 5 WRs with legit WR1 upside for cheap. You can afford to splurge a bit on an elite RB.

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Thanks that’s good advice. I guess the calculus I’m trying to figure out is - what could I get Edelman/Ertz for in the draft? But you’re right - solid foundation. And I drafted Quon with the intention of keeping him.