Keeper Pick Help - Kenyan Drake, Fournette, Davante Adams

I have the 11th pick in a standard (non-PPR) league and can keep one of the following: Kenyan Drake (10th round), Leonard Fournette (2nd round), or Davante Adam (3rd round). What do you think?

Get rid of Drake. Dolphins aren’t scoring enough TDs nor has drake been declared the lead back so there’s no way he can be close to relevant in standard as it stands.

Now the question is Fournette or Adams in a Standard league. With the RB craze this year I initially want to keep Fournette and maybe a low chance Adams falls to you. But passed on your draft positions, Adams is going in the 2nd round. To lose a 3rd round pick keeping him is no sweat AND I assume you’ll then have a 2nd round pick to go get another RB.

Final answer: Adams.

I’d going to have to disagree. I think Drake is a league winner at that value.

It makes a difference who else will be a keeper, but I’m very, very bullish on Drake and I think the Dolphins are going to be better than most think.

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I didn’t read the part where you have the 11th pick. Adams is my vote but only slightly. You can get another elite WR or RB at 11. Check ADPs to make your decision.

Frank Gore is there… I’m unsure how Drake can be a league winner at his “value”… especially when I fail to see value… but hey that’s fine opinions differ! My vote is anyone but Drake in the end.

Gore is a corpse. Has been for a while, and has only been relevant due to volume and there being literally no competition.

I suggest you go watch some Drake film. I have. Every snap he’s taken, and I’m telling you, he’s a star. He has a rare combination of quickness, burst and long speed. Watch the first play of this clip, in particular. The defender has him dead to rights, but he’s able to get away laterally with a jump cut, and then 3 steps later another defender has him lined up, but he plants his foot, stops his momentum, and with the same foot is back to top speed in an entirely different direction and is gone. There are not a lot of backs who can do this, and it’s not an isolated incident.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m under no illusions that he’s going to get a Bell/Gurley/DJ workload. Gore will he involved, if for no other reason than to preserve Drake, but that isn’t concerning to me at all. There are what, 5-6 true workhorses, generously? Everyone is in a time share these days and there are plenty of guys who are very, very relevant who aren’t work horses. I think Drake is going to be one of them.

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Or I could keep Michael Thomas for a 1st round pick. I never like keeping a 1st round pick unless they’re a stud.

I definitely think Kenyan Drake is absolutely electric! I also agree that there are few true workhorses! Bell, Gurley, Zeke, DJ, Fournette, Gordon, and maybe Barkley but that’s it for right now! I wish that Drake was elsewhere. I don’t at all disagree he is an athlete, he is talented, and he clearly can handle NFL game speed.

Gore is an infinity stone without a career ending injury and no real history of
Fumbles and therefore probably will be a goal-line asset, especially if they’re trying to keep Drake healthy. I mention that only because Drake and Williams split time after Ajayi left and Drake was clearly the better back. I mention all of that to bring up the fact that Drake had the same number of receiving targets as all other Miami RBs combined.

With Gore there, Miami clearly stating they want to use multiple RBs throughout the season, Drake being the clear choice for passing right now (rookie is a wildcard) and the Dolphins looking like one of the bottom 5 teams in the league this year I don’t see Drake being a better Keeper than Fournette and D. Adams nor a league winner all in reference to the question of this thread.

I would NOT keep Michael Thomas at the cost of a first round pick in a standard especially after the scheme of the Saints last season. But again, that’s just my opinion others may disagree!

It’s a signal they needed another body on the depth chart. Can’t exactly go into the season with 1 RB on the team. If they’d brought in someone like Hyde or Anderson or even freaking Crowell, or anyone with am actual pulse, I might agree with you about there being a volume concern, but they didn’t. Drake is going to get 60%+ of the workload, and he’s going to produce with it, because he’s absurdly talented. As for being on a bad team, that’s not exactly a negative for a plus receiving option on a team that just lost 160 short targets. He’s a virtual lock for an RB2 and has RB1 upside.

In the 10th round, you’re talking about guys like Blount, Martin, Monty, Booker, Latavius Murray. Handcuffs and ancillary pieces. Getting Drake there is the definition of a league winning move.

Right but in a standard league a receiving back is worthless unless they score. They have 5 running backs on the depth chart, three relevant and two that aren’t Drake. Gore may be old be he is still pounding as he was 40yards short of 1000yards and averaged 3.7 per carry. Don’t get my wrong I don’t want that kind of RB but they’re hyping Gore up in Miami and he isn’t the only threat to Kenyan Drake with Kalen Ballage and even that Perry guy!

I do see more value now that you bring up the fact that Drake is only costing a 10th but I’d still rather have Adams or Fournette! Drake only is a league winner if all the planets align and he gets a touch down a game in a standard league cause he isn’t getting 100 rushing yards or even scrimmage yards per game. He will do it from time to time sure but the Dolphins offensive line ranks bottom 5. The potential points he can accrue in a standard league compared to Fournette or Adams is a vast difference. Fournette is the goal line RB on a divisional championship team. Adams is the WR1 for one of the greatest QBs ever. Drake is electric, but may not be as relevant as the other two.

In the end based on the 10th round aspect of Drake, I don’t hate taking him if you really snag some nice assets for Standard leagues early, but I’d still prefer the other two.

I do like the value of Drake only costing a 10th round pick. But being a standard non-PPR keeper league. I would definitely go with Fournette. I believe he is a Top-Tier RB in non-PPR and will have a lot of volume this year. I believe he is worth the value of his 2nd round price tag simply because everyone else will be selecting their own keeper and chances are a top-tier rb will not fall to you at #11.

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A target is still worth more than a carry in standard, but that does take a bit of the shine off. There’s plenty of value in a receiving back, especially when I expect him to get 60%+ of the workload (there are two relevant backs, not 3. I think it’s more likely that Ballage is off the roster in 2019 than that he gets any serious work in 2018. He was a flat out bad runner in college, and he’s not as good a receiver as Drake).

Again, I think he’s an about as close as possible to a lock to be an RB2 or better in every format. I don’t see any way they can keep him off the field, other than to preserve him.

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Lol. If you think Ballage is a threat to Drake, you need to go watch some games / film. Kallen Ballage is trash. There is no other way to put it. He is a big dude who runs fast. Can’t break tackles, can’t cut, and has no vision. He is not even close to being a threat to Drake. He’ll probably get on the field for Drake to catch his breath, that’s about it.

Also, you seem to forget you are getting drake in the 10th round. You’re not looking for someone who is a workhorse back. You’re looking for someone to lead a committee and someone who is very efficient with his touches. Which Drake undoubtedly is given he is extremely talented as a runner. Getting an RB2 in the 10th round is pretty damn valuable.

The choice is Drake for me and it’s not that close. Given you’re the 11th pick, using up a 2nd round on fournette is basically zero value. That is exactly where he should be going anyways, possibly even later than the top of the 2nd once all the top guys are off the board. Adams at 3rd is a 1 round value so it’s between him and Drake. I do like Adams in standard cause I think he will be incredibly efficient in the red zone but there are also other WRs I like in the 3rd. Drake in the 10th could be a league winner for you so I would lean towards Drake.


You must’ve missed above where I acknowledged that they get Drake for an 11 and it is good value and I still vote away from Drake regardless of that. In a standard league why do you want a potential leader of a committee who you cannot actually tell me is the red zone go-to guy AND who was clearly better than his counterpart last year and yet still they went with Williams until injury?

Drake was clearly better than Williams and yet Williams kept taking away carries from Drake and then Drake was a force when Williams was injured. I’m not doubting the player I’ve watched the film and I said, again above, that I think Drake is absolutely electric AND he clearly will get the receiving work. I don’t think Ballage is more talented. But he’s another body on a roster that is lead by a coach who actively is preaching using more than two running backs so to say he isn’t a threat to some of Drake’s work is silly. He is a threat to some of Drake’s work so long as the Dolphin’s have the same playcaller.

I’m not talking player talent nor am I asking for a workhorse. Although another footclan member and I did discuss workhorses which may have you confused… but if it was up to talent and solely talent Drake would be THE GUY.

The Dolphins outlook is bad so they’ll be behind and needing to pass, it’s a standard league so the best value on a committee is the red zone threat and you can’t tell me for 100% that Drake will be that guy. Drake is the primary receiving back, not saying he can’t rush, but they’ve got Gore and Ballage who characterize as big bodied ground pounders. Drake had the most fumbles amongst all RBs for the Dolphins last season.

If the value is the red-zone back on a committee, and you consider all the stats I’ve shared (Drake top RB receiver, most fumbles, fifth worst O-line, slotted to be one of the five worst teams this year, and has a coach preaching he wants to use multiple guys) then I don’t think you can tell me with 100% confidence that Drake is the redzone threat and therefore a locked in RB2.

It is because of those reasons that I would suffer the cost of Adams or Fournette but enjoy the guaranteed work. That is my opinion that I have backed with facts. I acknowledge both you and the other footclan member’s opinion and I agree that there is value and concede Drake isn’t as bad of a choice as I initially reacted, if you read that above part. But I don’t want Drake, as good as I believe him to be!

This is based on what? Size? Have you ever seen ballage run the ball? He couldn’t be further away from a ground and pounder. He is a scat back / change of pace back at best. Gore will definitely eat some carries but he’s not going to eat enough to take away the value of Drake.

Drake will not only be the primary receiving back but he will be the primary back period. He is 6’1 and 210-215 lbs. Right in the sweet zone for that 3 down lead back.

Obviously I can’t tell you Drake will 100% be the guy on Goalline. My opinion is that he will be cause he is that good but if I could tell you he was 100% pass catcher, 100% lead back, and 100% goaline back, this wouldn’t even be a debate. That risk is captured in the fact that he costs you a 10th round pick.

With the 11th pick, means you are picking 2.02. You’re giving up 2.02 for Fournette. At best, that is exactly for value where he would be going anyways. IMO, fournette should be a mid 2nd rounder. So you’re losing some value there. I’d rather pick whoever I will get at 2.02 and then Keep drake vs Keep Fournette at 2.02 and get whoever I would be able to draft in the 10th round. That’s the whole point of this debate. You can’t just take Fournette and compare directly with drake. Obivously you would take fournette there. Only an idiot would choose drake. But taking into account the value you get of 10th rounder for Drake who probably typically costs you a 4th/5th round vs Fournette at literally value losing / zero value, not sure how you can just write off drake because you’re scared some 10000 year old RB or some garbage scat back will eat into some carries.

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First, I voted for Adams who is currently going in the 2nd round and would cost this individual a 3rd. Second yes I am basing that off of size for Ballage and history for Gore cause to many people’s surprise Gore is only 5’9. If you’re guna argue Drake’s size, I will counter that pointing out that he is tiny compared to Ballage at 6’3, 230lbs. Third, Drake is absolutely the receiving back as he got the same number of targets as all of the other Dolphin’s RBs, combined.

You’ve created a debate, friend. My vote was Adams at the start of this entire thread. I agree about your points on Fournette which is why I voted Adams. I provided facts which outline the risk of Drake which cause me not to want him even though he costs nothing and could be something. I would rather have Adams at the cost of a 3rd and get a better back in the early rounds that I know guarantees me something. I appreciate your input and enthusiasm though!

I guess when it comes down to it, I just think the difference between Drake and the guy you could get with that pick is just way, way bigger than Adams and the other WRs available in the 3rd. Throw in positional scarcity, and it’s seems pretty conclusive to me.

Yeah I can see argument for Adams. As I said above, to me it was down to Adams vs Drake. I just think you can probably get someone like Diggs who is closer to Adams in a standard league vs someone in the 10th being remotely close to Drake.

Also, I’m not arguing that Drake is not the receiving back. But you’re making it sound like Drake being the receiving back precludes him from being a 3down back which he 100% has the ability to do which he proved during last year when he finally got the chance.

I never said Drake was the biggest back in the backfield. I was just saying Drake isn’t some tiny back incapable of doing goal line work. He is 6’1 and 210-215. That is a great size for a 3 down back capable on the goaline. More importantly, his cutting and ability to squeeze through holes makes him fine on the goaline. You’re the one who brought up gores size. I wasn’t even using that as an argument. If anything, it just proves size doesn’t mean that much once you’ve crossed a certain threshold (i.e. as long as you arent darren sproles size).

Again, you are the one that keeps using Ballage’s size to justify his ability. Watch the film man. Ballage is straight trash. Cannot break tackles at all for someone his size and always goes down on 1st contact. He has no cutting ability. Only has size and long form speed. No vision. He is not a viable back in the NFL. You can take my word on that. If size was the only thing that matters, than Eddy Lacy, Fat Kelley, etc etc would all be studs in the NFL. Sadly, it isn’t which is why they, and ballage will be nothing more than bench players. You keep listing off these bench players as if they are remotely good enough to take the job away from Drake. And they just aren’t. Having depth at RB position is smart. Doesn’t mean they will actually contribute in any meaningful way.

ADP on Fournette is 1.08, and this is a keeper league, so am assuming here that Gurley, Bell, Zeke, DJ, and Gordon will all be kept. Only Bell and DJ were first round picks last year, so the draft is going to start with Fournette being the 3rd best player on the board by ADP, and the 11th pick is probably going to turn into the 5/6th pick with other owners selling their 1st round pick for their keepers. This is why I value Fournette in this situation.