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Keeper Pickle


Fantasy Footballers!! I have a tough decision. This is the first year my league is doing a keeper and we are allowing each team to keep 1 player. I finished my league with some solid players, but that makes it way harder to choose a player to keep. The following are the players I have worth keeping:

Demarco Murray
Amari Cooper
Michael Thomas
Jordan Howard
Ty Montgomery

I will also have the second pick in the draft so I should be able to get a solid player in the first round. I believe L. McCoy and Mike Evans will fall to 1st and 2nd pick. So keep that in mind as well.

What are your thoughts? 1/2 point PPR and standard scoring.


I would prolly lean Howard overall due to youth other Murray. I would consider Thomas, but he will lose Brees soon so I tend to lean Howard. Then look at Evans with your first pick and have a solid rb wr combo. If for some reason Shady drops then he is an obvious pick at 2.


Hey Mike,

I don’t think I’d let Standard or half point PPR affect my decision on this one.

Assuming DJ and Bell are being kept its likely Shady will be the number 1 RB available in your draft. With Shady riding the hype train this offseason/training camp I wouldn’t be surprised, in fact I would be shocked if he didn’t go first overall. That being said I would probably keep Murray as a safe RB1 and hope a stud WR like Evans makes it to you at #2.

While Cooper, Thomas, and Howard all have age on their side and could be potential keepers for years to come there’s still an element uncertainty in comparison to other top talent at their position.

Good Luck!


For me, it is Murray or Howard and I would take them in that order


The stars are aligning if Harper and I agree. I’m taking murray or howard im that order. And if McCoy is there, I’m taking him too. Then I’ll worry about my wrs. It’s not every day you can have 2 rb1s to role out every week.


I actually agree with you here. RB1’s are hard to come by. If Shady slips to two would you take two RB1’s instead of going WR? I have a feeling WR’s are more abundant this year.


We do agree, Buster! Whadda you know.