Keeper PPR

I am in a full ppr keeper league. My options are joe Mixon, dalvin cook, zack ertz, and julio jones. Which 3 out of these 4 would you keep?

Any round penalties?
If no, I would go with Cook, Ertz and Julio. Mixon and Cook are close, but I think they use Cook a bit more in the passing game than Mixon, and I am really nervous about the O-Line in Cincy since they have already lost two linemen and training camp hasn’t started yet.

I think we need to know the keeper penalties/years limits before we can accurately reply.

If there’s no penalty, and can keep indefinitely, I’d keep Mixon/Cook/Jones.

Under those circumstances, I’d be willing to bet the RB and WR position will be thinned well before your draft, so ensuring you have two excellent young backs as opposed to a TE would be my strategy.

No round penalties

Can you keep them forever or just this year?

No matter what I keep Julio.
If its forever, I go Mixon and Cook because of shelf life and premium position.
If its just this year, I actually go Mixon and Ertz. Mixon has been a consistent low end RB1/high end RB2 on a Marvin Lewis (almost threw up typing his name) offense behind a poor OL his whole career. The OL is still bad; but, the HC is a HUGE upgrade. That indicates the offense should be better which at least allows Mixon to stay the same if not get a bump up. Meanwhile, Cook has only played 15 games in 2 years. Minn appears to want to run the ball more; but, there are still 2 top end mouths to feed despite the team philosophy. Cook will have to compete against great players for volume. I see Mixon as safer and as an higher floor than Cook.