Keeper Problem/Thoughts

Hey Footclan,

Won the ship last year playing the waiver wire and rode D. Williams and R. Anderson to victory. That being said, not happy with my keepers. 10 Team, non-PPR, 1 QB League, standard scoring

Currently thinking about keeping:

Melvin Gordon
Pat Mahomes
Damien Williams

Also have Fournette, but tired of being burned by injuries. Would you swap him in for Williams, or keep 3 RB’s and just go after a top tier TE or WR/WR in the draft

Any round penalties for the keepers?

Without additional context, Gordon and Mahomes are no brainers I’d think - I wouldn’t keep Fournette over Williams… having the lead back in a top offense that’s both committed to using it’s lead back, and public committed to Williams as their starter, is far more valuable imo than Fournette’s first round pedigree since the questions around his health and ability to stay focused on football keep bringing me back to earth.

Sorry, yeah no penalties. The rest of my team is not even worth consideration.

Thats exactly where I’m sitting too, I just feel like I’m starting to over-think and doubt it. O-Line seems improved in JAX, QB situation is better, etc etc etc. I know D. Williams isn’t a proven started but as a Miami fan, he’s got reasonable talent and like you said, if they commit to him as the RB1, he can be a stud.

Plus, I get credit for pretty much every TD scored in KC which is nice.

I’m in the same boat with Williams in a keeper league (although with round penalties, he could be assigned a keeper round of anywhere from 6th round to 18th round so there’s a chance he becomes an elite keeper)

I tried my HARDEST to convince myself that Williams was a mirage, but no matter how I twist it, I can’t make the numbers suggest he won’t be reasonably successful in KC.

Including the playoffs, he was studly over the final 5 - 7 weeks of the season, and KC isn’t going to take a HUGE step back regardless of Hills availability. I love Mecole Hardman (not as a Hill clone but just in general) and I think that they’ll just keep clicking.

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Im with you man, as long as he’s seeing the field his floor is sooooo high.

Some are worried that Hyde is there to start, but aside from 2017 which he offset a modest ground game with 88 targets (which is a total aberration… that accounts for more than 50% of his career targets), Hyde has been a grinder at best. He’s been unable to crack the 4.0 YPC mark in 2 years, and profiles best as a backup.

I was fell for the mirage with Hyde in 2017, but the truth is he’s not a super dynamic runner… he had middle of the pack evade/juke rates in 2017 and fell off big time in 2018. A quick look at his college workout metrics shows he was never the most agile of backs (abysmal would be the word I’d use to describe how he compared to his contemporaries in Agility scoring) so expecting a bounce back out of no where is silly.

Don’t know why I went through all that trouble to trash Hyde, but I don’t see him as a legit threat to Williams unless there’s a major injury.

The case for Fournette over Williams is that he will be getting all the carries as long as he stays on the field. There isn’t really any question on competition behind him. Williams however, there has been a lot of talk and concern with him even being able to keep the job. They did sign Hyde really fast which makes me think he may get early down or short yardage/goal line work. He’s never been an agile back, but more of a down hill, one-cut style runner. Plus he’s not the only RB being talked about in KC. James Williams and Thompson I keep hearing a lot about as well.

If I knew that Fournette didn’t have injury history I would pick him over Williams. I think Fournette has a higher floor but Williams has the higher ceiling. They both come with risk.

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I think you have the 3 set. I wouldn’t scoff at those 3 at all. You have a RB1 and a potential RB1 and what I can only see as a top 3 QB if everything goes wrong. Cheer up, you have 3 solid keepers I think

I’d keep the three you have stated over fournette if there aren’t any keeper penalties

Keep all these guys!! Williams is the man next year… … I keeping Kamara and picked up Henry have michelle too I can only keep 3 all 3 different positions… its hard…