Keeper Q- tough

Hello all,

Brand new to the forum and footclan. Just recently started watching the show and listening to the podcasts and I became obsessed.

Tough keeper question.

3 keepers- 200$ auction . Half point ppr. Note that a lot of top tier rbs are gone as keepers. (Gurley, Hunt, Fournette, zeke, Gordon, Kamara, Freeman, Howard all gone…)

My possibly keepers:

Devante Adams 21$ (Can keep 1 more year for 31$ next year )
Mike Thomas 21$ (Can keep 1 more year for 31$ next year)
Delvin cook 36$ (Can keep 2 more years for 46$ then 56$)
Jerrick mckinnon 11$ (Can keep 2 more years for 21$ then 31$)

Any insight at all would be huge!

I would suggest keeping both due to value and position scarcity with two caveats. One, unless you think you can get Cook for less if you don’t keep him. Two, what is the value on Adams? I think the value for McKinnon is there.

I would agree with the @TokenCanuck. What is the Keeper value for Thomas and Adams?

McKinnon for $11 is a lock.

22$ for Adams and 22$ for Thomas

22$ each for both Thomas and Adams

Yeah, that’s tough. Both excellent values. Thomas at $22 and Mckinnon at $11 are locked in for me.

I could see a case for both Adams at $22 and Cook at $36. I think I would prefer keeping Cook and having the opportunity to buy Adams or equivalent.

It’s tough, I have never thought about dropping Adams for cook . I feel Adams is going to be a top 5 wr this year. But rb is so thin.

If I had to guess being a veteran of my league If I drop these guys to the vultures (my league mates) they will go as follows

Adams- 38-45$
Cook- 40-50$
Mackinnon- 28-35$

I know a lot of my league mates are not a fan of mackinnon.

I’m not a huge fan of Adams. I don’t always trust guys who only score a lot of TDs and don’t get the yards or receptions.

Therefore I’d keep Mckinnon, Cook and Thomas. More depth at RB and you can find WR help later in the draft.

Thanks for the reply. Who do you think is going to get all the work from Rodgers then? Or Just a spread between Adams, Geronimo, Cobb, and tight end(slipping my mind currently)

I would keep cook at $36; he was easily a top 10 RB before he got hurt last year. I like the Mike Thomas and Cook combo that you will have. I may be alone on this but I am not a fan of Adams; no clue why just not a believer…

I think it’ll be way too spread out to have anyone be worth a 2nd round pick, which is what Adams is going for right now. I think Adams TD’s will go down because of Graham at TE. Then the rest of the WRs will all be somewhat close and even TY Monty could get a lot of receptions from the backfield.

Cool , appreciate the input!