Keeper ques?

I’m already keeping Lamar jackson in the 8th round. I’m trying to decide whether to stack him with Mark Andrews in the 11th or Terry McLaurin in the 14th. I know the stack could be deadly but I’m also expecting Terry to break out even more. Any suggestions?


I’d go with Jackson and Andrews as pick for pick, he gives you the most value. He’s being drafted 4/5th round so getting him for an 11th round pick, is solid.

You could always grab McLaurin later on.

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I think McLaurin in the 14th might be a tiny bit better value in a vacuum… but you can’t go wrong with either. The situation-specific value of locking in a strong TE + getting an awesome stack would tilt it to Andrews for me!

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I prefer to keep Terry McLaurin in the 14th. Higher ceiling.

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Thank you @fun4willis! I was leaning McLaurin but I’m sure I’ll flip flop all the way up until draft day lol. Appreciate the response!