Keeper Question 1/2PPR

Here are my 4 keeper options. Lamar Jackson in the 5th (probably going to keep him). Darren Waller as late as the 9th, Devin Singletary as late as the 9th, and Calvin Ridley as late as the 8th. Trying to decide on the last 3 guys. I think I want Waller to lock up QB and TE but having trouble deciding between Ridley and Singletary. And if I choose Singletary and Waller, which should I keep in 8th and 9th?

1/2 PPR

@rsower I would go Ridley for the 8th then for sure. Once you take out other Keepers that would normally go ahead of him, he would go pretty high, and poised for a huge year!

Not sure how many players you get to keep in total, but Iā€™d rank these Jackson, Ridley, Waller, Singletary.

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