Keeper Question _10 team halk PPR

Half Point PPR
I can Keep 2
Robert Woods 5th Rd
Allen Robinson 6th Rd
Jerry Juedy 12th Rd

Woods and Jeudy.

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Woods is a 5th round ADP guy - so not a lot of value to keep.

Juedy’s a great value. Currently an 8th round ADP. And then I’d keep Robinson as he’s a late 3rd/early 4th.

Unless of course you value players more for what they will produce on your fantasy team, rather than how many pennies you saved in draft capital.

I’d much rather have a league-winning player that I had to reach for in the draft than get a JAG at a bargain.

Robinson’s been a top 10 WR the last 2 years in CHI.

And if you don’t keep Woods but still want him, take him in the 4th round of the redraft.


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With all the other keepers in our league, Woods and Robison would be drafted in rounds 2-3. Upping their “Value”. I don’t really believe in the value to much. I would rather reach than feel good about waiting for better value.

My real concern is taking keepers in back to back rounds. 5th and 6th. Thats right in that zone where you you have to start drafting form lower level tiers. So I like the idea of Juedy late and that way in not waiting for 16 picks to get back to me, in 12 team snake.

Love all the input. Thanks!!

Yeah, if the Bears still had a QB, I might have been tempted.

Yeah, that was my original point. Robinson may be the better draft “value,” but if he scores half the fantasy points of Woods, then what are you really getting for your “draft value.”

Robinson and Jeudy.

I’d be banking on Robinson - who is no stranger to producing despite garbage production from his QB - to outperform Woods for the third-straight season. Better value and player.

And Jeudy with a 12th is a shot worth taking at that low cost.

Woods will be there in the fifth if you really want him.

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And if you REALLY want him, keep him, and then you won’t have to stress over whether you’re drafting with someone smarter than the ADPs who might snipe him from you.

I think that the idea of draft value is overstated sometimes and you’re typically better off just taking the better player.

In this case, that’s Allen Robinson.

Yes, but sometimes you’re better off taking the lesser player in the better situation.

In this case, that’s Robert Woods.

Nothing about Robinson’s QB situation this year indicates a drop-off from his previous two seasons and nothing about Stafford going to the Rams implies that Woods would leapfrog that level of production.

Anyone expecting a measurable impact on a Rams WR based on Stafford should be talking about Kupp instead.

Keeping the situations in mind, Robinson should outperform Woods and will do so - in your case - at a better price.

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I guess you missed the fact that the Bears’ two options at QB this season are Andy Dalton and a rookie from Ohio State.


I guess you missed all those Nick Foles and Mitch Trubisky highlights over the past two seasons.