Keeper Question - 12 team .5 ppr

Hey all, first post… just joined Footclan. Hoping to get some advice on who to keep…

12-Team .5 PPR (QB, x2 RB, x2 WR, TE, Flex (RB, WR, TE), Def, K)

So for the upcoming year, I can either:

Keep Antonio Brown as my 1st round pick


Keep Desaun Watson for a 14th round (last) and Dion Lewis for a 13th round

Some more info… I’m guessing these guys will be off the board in the 1st round because they’re going to be kept (Kamara, Gurley, Elliot, Hopkins, Gordon, Hunt, Cook)

Thanks in advance!

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My personal view here would be keep Brown. You can lock up the number 1 WR, baring injury and worst case 2 who will be a week to week stud for your team then build from there.

Based on the fact that you wont be able to get an elite RB as you say they will surely all be kept so Brown will be the next highest ranked player overall.

As for keeping Watson, there is absolutely no guarantee that he can perform like he did last year, coming of the knee injury and with an awful O-Line i’d be very wary of him and let someone else overpay and reap the benefits of what they leave when reaching for him. Lewis while a solid pick up in middle to later rounds, i think you can get better value and maybe get him back anyway. Just my view though, but i wouldn’t lose out on having one of the top players in fantasy on my roster in Brown

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Thanks! Yea I was leaning towards that… I’m thinking locking in that elite WR will be more beneficial than gambling and ending up w/someone else in that 1st round.

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100% agree, if you picked late you could miss out on a true elite so I’d definitely stick with him here

i almost lean watson and dion. it hard to lock up a QB1 and an RB2 with your very last picks. but, its antonio fuckin brown. so best wishing is you get someone like keenan allen for your first. so the real question is, would you prefer antonio brown, or keenan, dion, and watson? honestly i still probably keep brown. but it is tougher with keenans name there.

Haha yea, this is also where the other side of my head is at… getting those guys at such a cheap price is such a steal. Even if Watson puts up 75% of the #'s he did, he’d still be a legit QB1.

I would end up with say a Keenan Allen or AJ Green as my 1st… which isn’t ideal but I could luck out and possibly grab a D. Johnson or OBJ (not likely but is possible).

This is going to be a tough one. Luckily we don’t declare our keepers till about a week before we draft which is usually about 2 weeks b4 the season starts so a lot can happen.

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The other thing I was thinking is… if I lock a QB1 and RB2 w/those last picks… I have a lot more freedom in those middle rounds to really grab some gems and not have to worry about reaching on say an elite TE or something…

those are the benifits for sure. because you really cant draft a top TE and QB, unless you are in a keeper situation where you get one for cheap. now you can reach on a gronk or kelce, and still get a top 5 QB and a top 24 RB. pair that with a top 10 WR, and your in the second round with almost a full team. so there are for sure good reasons to go that route. my problem is, even still you can get a top 12 QB in the same spot as watson more than likely. so its really not like you are gaining a ton. thats why even all said and done im still leaning brown. there are 2 positions that you just cant overvalue. RB and WR. everything else is replaceable. i would rather have a bench player that is reliable, than to have a top 5 QB or TE.


I do have an option of keeping Aaron Jones for a 14th also (maybe instead of Watson). But unless he runs away w/that starting job he’s gonna be a backend RB2/3 at most.

I think AB might be the safest play.

I agree, that GB backfield is too risky right now to gamble on. AB is the safer bet