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KEEPER QUESTION (12 team, double flex league)


12 team keeper league (3 max), 0.5 PPR, my current keeper is Paul Perkins for a 14th rounder and am deciding on whether I should keep Travis Kelce for the 6th pick in the 5th round (54th overall)


Yeah keep Kelce too I think he’s gonna rake this year.


Oh ok so you can keep up to 3 players, and as of now you’re only keeping one, so if I understand correctly the question isn’t “Keep Kelce for a 5th or keep x for y” but just “Keep Kelce for a 5th or draft a player in the 5th”. If I’ve got that mixed up let me know.

Keep Kelce for sure. He’s currently being drafted at the start of the 4th so you are getting 1 or 1.5 rounds of value. Moreover, given that this is a keeper league Kelce would likely be drafted even earlier. I also think Kelce will be a difference maker for your team, especially with Maclin gone. Keep him with confidence.