Keeper question, 12 team full ppr

I got a couple players in the same rounds due to trades. help a brotha out.

T. Hill and McCaffrey in the 3rd, Thielen in the 9th, Ajayi and Jordan Howard in the 2nd, and Josh Gordon undrafted (would take my last round pick.)

Thanks for the help guys. I really appreciate it!

How many can you keep total?

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Sorry I should have mentioned that. I can only keep one.

For me it would either be Thielen or Gordon. Gordon as your last round pick is pretty hard to pass up though.

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For sure not Jay.

You’re looking for value from those players. Right now Hill and Howard are going at the same value you have them. So probably not them unless you just REALLY like one.

McCaff is going 1 round early, so possibly.

Gordan is going in the 3rd so he is the highest value.

My vote would be McCaff. I like getting a running back early. I also think it gives you more flexibility at the start of the draft. You could feel comfortable getting a high end WR depending on where you are picking knowing that you have a good RB.

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yeah pretty easy to go thielen or gordon. gordon is better value, but you have NO idea what he will produce. so thielen is the better prospect, and still for a damn cheap price. i think i lean thielen


Sorry, I missed Thielen. Also a good option.

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Yeah this is a tough choice. I had Gordon, Thielen and McCaffrey as my top 3 with Hill as a close 4. Thanks for the help everyone.

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The hype Thielen is getting right now, could mean he’s a late 2nd in summer drafts so would likely be the biggest value pick. Gordon is in a more crowded situation and is not going to be targeted as consistently in all likelihood but hard to argue with anything that’s free ninety nine


I think Thielen in the 9th is the best value…


If you only get to keep one, IMHO it is Gordon for essentially free. I do like Thielen in the 9th, but you will not get a better option in the last round. Especially with someone who could very well be a WR2 with fringe WR1 upside.