Keeper Question '19

Full PPR keeper league and can keep one of the following players:
David Johnson
Antonio Brown
Patrick Mahomes

As a lifelong Chiefs fan, Patrick Mahomes is very , very tempting. As a fantasy owner, never in my life have I taken or thought about taking a QB with my first pick, or my keeper in this case. AB has always been my go to, but the team switch has me hesitant. David Johnson didn’t have the best year last year, but also realize lots of changes have come to the Cardinals this off season. Just need some unbiased opinions!

I think David Johnson is the pick here. Disappointing season for him in 2018 but I think he rebounds back to something between 2016 and 2018 seasons and be a really good scoring fantasy asset.

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Is there a Keeper round penalty or essentially just your first pick?

Assuming there isn’t a penalty, and with only 1 keeper, everyone will most likely be keeping their RB1 or WR1, so I would go with DJ. There probably won’t be many left available and he should be a top 10 RB easily this season.

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Full PPR I would take DJ…Brown will be solid but to many unknowns with the move to oakland…Arizona cant have a worse year offensively and he still had 50 receptions & 10 TDS last year

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Essentially just my first round pick. Have been looking at other teams rosters, the potential for Julio to be available is likely. That’s also another option, not keeping anyone and seeing who else is available. If there is not a better option, I can just keep DJ. Potentially could pick up Julio and then maybe snag DJ with 2.3.

DJ won’t fall to 2.03. If you don’t keep him he will be one of the first guys off the board.

Probably true, but my league mates picking infront of me in the second round have made some questionable decisions in the past. Here’s a question, would you keep Julio over DJ?

DJ for me. I like Julio, but DJ is one of my top5 RBs.