Keeper Question - 2 Keepers - Barkley/Lamar/Jacobs/Sanders

Hey everyone,

Keeper question here. New to the forum but looking for some advice.

Keeper league where we keep 2 keepers. Keepers are set then the rest go back into the redraft pool. Currently have Lamar, Barkley, Jacobs, Sanders and Godwin for players of note. Traded away my 1st last year to get Jacobs for a successful playoff run. Hoping to get a 1st back or even more.

Keeping Barkley obviously and leaning to keep Lamar as he was a dynamo in our league - scored 80 more points then the next QB (Dak) and close to 200 points more than CMC.

Should I go that route (keep Barkley and Lamar) and try and trade Jacobs and Sanders for something/anything, or do I keep Barkley and Jacobs or Sanders and throw Lamar back into the fire?

How many teams in the league and is it PPR? I try to take a QB late. Depending on the format and teams, I’d go Barkley and Jacobs. Both will catch a good amount of balls this season. If you’re in a deeper league, having two elite RBs will help you down the stretch.

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Thx for the response! It’s a 12 team keeper modified half point PPR

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I wouldn’t keep Lamar in this instance. He is unlikely to repeat that big of a performance this year, and the difference between him and a mid to late round QB is a lot closer that Sanders/Jacobs/Godwin and a mid round RB/WR.

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So would you take Jacobs or Sanders in this case?

I actually just posted for some feedback as I have to keep one of Sanders/Jacobs/Eckler/Mixon… I am leaning Sanders… But I love Jacobs too! I dont think you can go wrong with either, but i think Sanders may have the higher ceiling.

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Thx everyone!!

If you’re in a league where QB scoring is that nuts, you have to keep Lamar and Barkley.

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That’s what I’m thinking too… seems crazy to keep a QB but the value is there keeping the possible QB1 and RB1

Normally you’d be better off keeping Jacobs, but if Lamar scored 200 points more than CMC’s record season then you have to keep him.