Keeper question 2020

Keep 2. 12 team ppr
Zeke 1st
Miles Sanders 4th
Drake 4th
McLaren 23rd

If your pick is at the end of the first, I’d say Zeke and Drake.


Terry mclauren for a 23rd?! Sounds like a steal
And yeah depending on your draft pick I keep Zeke, I’d definitely keep zeke if I was drafting past pick like 4 lol
But both Other RBs are great value too
Sanders had a small boo boo
And drake is unproven for any length of time…just my counters against them.

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Have to keep Zeke and McLaurin. If you let
Zeke go and you’re not drafting first you’ll more than likely lose him as I’m assuming mccaffrey and saquan will be keepers for others.

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