Keeper Question-3 players

Keeper league - 3 players. Kareem Hunt Leonard Fournette, Dalvin Cook. Do I keep any of them?

Cook, no question.

Are keepers essentially your first three picks? Or do you keep a player for a round penalty?

1st 3 picks, 12 team league

In that case I would consider Dalvin Cook for sure. The other two are not worth selecting as a keeper. You could draft them at cost or later if you had-to-have them.

Even Cook may not be keeper worthy if it equates to your first pick.

The only one worth considering is Cook, however you could likely get better value in the first and possibly even grab him in the 2nd if he falls.

There’s no reason to keep Hunt with his 9 game absence (with the bye in there) on the season and have him clog up your bench for that entire time. Even when he returns, assuming Chubb is healthy, the workload is questionable.

Fournette has so many concerns for me that the earliest I’d consider him is maybe the 3rd right now.

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Spot on. Though, with other teams keeping their top dogs too, I feel like Cook might go 1.01

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That’s a good point I didn’t consider that.

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Gets crazy when you have to think of all these changes in your mind and visualize them perfectly! Until your post, I never even thought about this since I’m not in a keeper league, but you helped me get a new perspective, thank you.

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