Keeper question 4 keepers

Hi there, I realize it’s still a bit early but this is the situation that I will be looking at. 12 man keep up to 4 players league. Lose a rounds pick for each player I keep.

1 Ppr , 6 pt TD, 1 pt per 25 pass, 1 pt per 10 yard rec or rush. Start 1 QB 2 RBs 2 WRs 1 TE 1 Flex

J Allen , D Jones

E Elliot , L Bell, Duke Johnson, J Hill

D Hopkins, M Evans, C Kupp, S Shepard

D Waller, M Gesicki

Josh Allen (His rushing floor is high, and I think he’s in for a huge passing year)
Zeke Elliot (It’s Zeke)
Lev Bell (Would be a great RB2 with high RB1 potential, and he was incredibly consistent last season even in ButtHole Gases offence)
Hopkins (It’s Nuk)

But my opinion could change knowing what picks for each guy you’d be giving up. But pretty confident those are the guys I’d go with. Might flip flop once or twice between Kupp and Bell, but I’d probably land on Bell because the Rams are scaring me.

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