Keeper question (AJ or McKinnon)

12 team keeper league, 1/2 PPR.

Start 1 RB, 2 WR and 2 Flex.

Each team can keep 0-4 players and lose a pick in each of the first four rounds for players kept.

I’m keeping David Johnson, D Cook and OBJ, but can’t decide between AJ Green and McKinnon for my 4th keeper.

I love RBs and can start 3 of them, so am somewhat tempted by McKinnon.

But I must start 2 WRs and won’t fine many better than AJ.

I will have the 2nd pick in the fifth round.


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If it’s me and I’m a big RB guy as well, i take Green here. You have two RB1s in Cook and DJ lock up two WR1s in Green and OBJ and get the best available at 5.02


@uffegraa, what James said…

DJ and OBJ are both top players in their field. cook is a rising star, and green might be the best WR that gets no respect. he could be the WR1 this year. he has the talent for it. not saying he will, just that he could. thats 4 players that could all go in round 1. thats pretty damn good value. keep green, the far better player than mckinnon. you can get cute later on when you arnt talking about starting positions (IE the first 5 or so rounds)

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AJ Green’s floor is around 85 catches for 1200 yds and 7 TDs. That is one hell of a WR2.

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Exactly and anyone would take that all day long. Take the proven asset over the hype, especially at this level i want my top four guys to produce all year…McKinnon i would 100% take at the right price, maybe as my next guy if he was the best available in this situation but he’s never done it all year long at a RB1 level, plus he will get knocked up. One final side note and i never really factor this in, he will be facing that Rams D twice a year and they have a lot of guys that are fully capable of containing McKinnon so two potential bust games would swing it for me if you needed a cherry on top to take Green

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yeah and nothing is worse than having a pregnant player out there. really hurts their run style. lol


I honestly don’t think there is a wrong answer here. Green gets peppered with targets and will get anywhere from 8-12 tds. McKinnon obviously won’t match that receiving volume but will make up for it on the ground. If you love RBs I take McKinnon. Plus RBs are harder to come by, you can find a breakout receiver a lot easier as the year progresses. Ala Robby Anderson or Marvin Jones last year

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With your existing keepers and only starting 1 RB, I’d definitely keep Green over McKinnon

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