Keeper Question; alternate Perspectives

Hey all,

I’ve got a keeper conundrum and was hoping a few extra sets of eyes may help me get over this hump of indecision. Full point PPR, deep benches, 3 keepers.

I have:

Joe Mixon, Rd 5 (2 years)
Damien Williams, Undrafted (3 years)
Kerryon Johnson, Rd 8 (3 years)
Tyler Boyd, Undrafted (3 Years)
George Kittle, Rd 10 (3 Years)

Is it too much value at the RB position to keep a TE? Is Boyd worth pulling a round for? I have an unnatural love for both Mixon and Kerryon, so I’m hoping some unbiased opinions would set me straight…

I’d go Mixon, Kerryon, and Kittle. They’re the better players and they also have the most assured situations. This is assuming you had to choose today. I could understand Williams but I’d just go with the younger backs. Kittle gives you the positional advantage. To me, Boyd is the odd man out.

Thanks for the input…

I’ve toyed with the idea of using Williams + Mixon to try and get Kamara from the league champ… 8th round.

I like Mixon, Williams and Kittle

I did a short article about Damien Williams a few days ago and I was left with more questions than answers… The planets certainly aligned for him during the last few weeks of 2018, but how can I suddenly trust a guy like Williams after his career arc went from “third back on the depth chart” to “top 15 back” thanks to three big weeks?

I usually don’t pay too much attention to the coach speak this time of year, as we’ve fallen for the hyperbole before… look at Ronald “second coming of Jamaal Charles” Jones for example… Carlos Hyde is a capable back, and Williams had never really been an efficient runner before that three game stretch last year.

At this point, I’m leaning Mixon/Johnson/Kittle simply because I don’t trust Williams to be a season long asset, while those guys I like this year and beyond.

I trust Williams more than Kerryon. I think Kerryon has the talent, but I hate the situation. There was no need for Blount to have as many carries as he did last year, and now they have CJ Anderson who is 4 years younger than Blount and a better runner. Patricia loves using more than one back, I see them using all 3 backs, and Kerryon himself said he isn’t a bell cow back.

The KC coaches have already said Williams will be the the starter, and I really like they way they used him at the end of the year and in the playoffs, especially the way he was used in the passing game. His stat line was pretty solid, and see them using him in a similar fashion this year.
Week 15 - 10 Att 49 Yds 2 TDs / 6 Rec 74 Yds 0TDs
Week 16 - 13 Att 103 Yds 0 TDs / 7 Rec 37 Yds 1TDs
Week 17 - 11 Att 51 Yds 1 TDs / 1 Rec 8 Yds 0TDs
Playoffs week 1 - 25 Att 129 Yds 1 TDs / 5 Rec 25 Yds 0TDs
Playoffs week 2 - 10 Att 30 Yds 1 TDs / 5 Rec 66 Yds 2TDs

Give me the starting back on the better offense anyday

I think Mixon & Kittle are the no brainers here just based on draft value alone. Plus they’re in situations where you know they’ll get the oppportunity.
I think you’ve got room to play with the 3rd keeper. I really like Kerryon as well; he’s by far the best back they’ve had in Detroit in years, but as @FantasyFootballDad said he’s in a murky situation. I tend to agree with you on Damien Williams. I think he’ll for sure be valuable early in the season, but not sure about him long term in KC beyond this year.

I feel ya, and i’m normally cool calm and collected but I grew up a closet Lions fan (which living here in NE is a no no) and have loved Kerryon from the moment they drafted him, and if I throw him back and Williams poopoo’s me… ooooo man am I gonna be mad.

But I kind of see a little bit I’m letting my personal bias interfere with my ability to think rationally… I have about a 75% chance of getting a round better than what Johnson is in… so the value is really great with Williams,

Thanks fellas, this is the cathartic, head clearing process I needed LOL

I’m assuming the # of years is how many years you can keep that player for moving forward?

Mixon in the 5th is a no brainer. He’s a likely 1st round or early 2nd round pick so you’re getting 3 rounds of value there at a minimum.

Kittle in the 10th is also a no brainer. He’s probably a 3rd round value and has established himself as one of the premier TEs in the league. Having that for 3 years is invaluable.

I love me some Kerryon but I like to win today. So I would keep Williams given you’re basically getting him at no cost and he has legit top 5 upside if he retains the role.

Hard pass on boyd. Regression is coming for him and that tier of WR is a dime a dozen.

just the man I was hoping to see! thanks for the feedback; the undrafted process we use can net the keeper anywhere from the 6th to the 18th round - although no one’s been burned with a 6th round keeper yet LOL

I think I’m trying to convince myself that Damien Williams is the same mediocre back he looked like for years when he was in Miami. Maybe I’m just trying too hard to justify keeping Kerryon

Prospect of keeping Kerryon for 3 years is def great, I’m a Kerryon Truther myself. I have him as a keeper in one of my leagues for 8th round cost. But if you can get damien williams for cheaper and he helps you win even once, in my eyes that’s more worth than Kerryon. I don’t trust that lions offense one bit.