Keeper Question - Antonio Brown, Lev Bell, Alvin Kamara

Pick 2 for a dynasty start up

Antonio Brown
Lev Bell
Alvin Kamara


For me is Bell and Kamara with the plan to trade Bell if possible. To many things could go wrong after this year as he isn’t going be back in Pitt I don’t think. Brown is an absolute beast, but he is getting older and Big Ben will be retiring sooner rather than later. The good thing about this question is that I really don’t think you can go wrong personally picking between Bell and Brown. Kamara is the only for sure due to age.

Very true, but man am I nervous if Lev Bell goes to a team like the Jets or Colts and is an good back but not great.

I’m a little confused. Dynasty Startup with Keepers?

Yep, we’ve had a keeper league for 3 years and are transitioning it into a dynasty league. So we agreed to keep 2 and restart into a dynasty startup draft.


In that case, for me, definitely Brown and Kamara.

I’d go kamara and brown but can’t go wrong with either.

That’s what I’m leaning towards too, just feels terrible to leave Bell off the team.