Keeper Question at RB

Hey Footballers,

Struggling to pick my final keeper in my league. Standard scoring. My options are:

McKinnon for an 8th Round Pick
Christian McCaffrey for a 5th Round Pick

I’m struggling with the risk of McKinnon versus his potential upside if he really plays up to his potential, and the consistency that is expected from McCaffrey.

Thanks in advance.

I’m also struggling with the McKinnon keeper quandry. Who is/are your other keeper(s)?

I’ve got David Johnson, and Alvin Kamara already. Really just trying to get an elite backfield guaranteed.

McKinnon is so tricky. It’s a gamble with him, but he would have more touches than McCaffrey I’d guess.

Standard does make you pause I agree but i’m taking CMC here. I’m not so sure he does get less touches than McKinnon, neither will be goaline and i think the ball will get spread around more in SF than in CAR - you know who the weapons are there. Also you really have to think durability with McKinnon, honestly he’s never been anything close to a feature back. You’d be rock solid with CMC, Kamara and DJ, i wouldn’t gamble with McKinnon. Best case he’s a top 10 guy, worst case he’s and RB4 or lower than you can’t rely on weekly

Daaaaaaaaaaaamn, elite backfield is right.

McKinnon is risky in a vacuum, but compared to CMC in the 5th, I think the value decision is a toss up.

I’d probably go McKinnon and spend my 5th on a better WR than you could get in the 8th.

Id say McKinnon then use the 5th for a WR. Yeah McKinnons risky, but I like McKinnon in a Shanahan offense more than I like CMC - who I just don’t think we’ve seen enough of yet. Plus with CJA taking carries away, I’m hesitant with CMC.

I’m sure you’ve done this, but use Sleeper for some CPU mocks and compare the middle rounds under both scenarios. It’s been super helpful for me.

Should have asked, @RareLuck whats the cost for DJ and Kamara? Assuming 1st for DJ but Kamara was off the radar until week 3 last year or a late round flyer so you must have rounds 2, 3, 4 yeah?

Yeah cost for Kamara is only an 8th round pick because I picked him up as a Free Agent. So really a worthwhile pick.

@James89 Sorry, forgot to say you are correct about DJ being my first rounder.

I would say CMC. He might not be a between the tackles workhorse, and CJA is most likely going to take touches away. However, I really don’t have confidence in the receiving corps in Carolina, and I think that’s where CMC is going to thrive again this year. Call me crazy, but I think 1300 total yards and 8 tds is totally in reach for CMC this year. If McKinnon did that I’d be shocked.