Keeper question- auction- weird league rules

Ok bear with me here. $200 auction, 2QB, standard scoring league. BUT the auction is only for the starting positions ( 2QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, flex, DST, K), after which there is a snake draft to fill out your bench. It’s different, I know.

We can keep up to 5 keepers, players may be kept up to 2 years after they are drafted. I am keeping Melvin Gordon for $15, Michael Thomas for $5, and Kelce for $10.

I need two more out of:

Dalvin Cook for $33
Luck for $21
Mahomes for $5
Josh Gordon for $5
Allen Robinson for $2

For some context, here is what players of comparable adp last year went for:

RB- DeMarco Murray- $58, Fournette- $41, Hunt- $31, Lamar Miller- $31

WR- Jeffery- $30, Benjamin- $27, Adams- $14, Crabtree- $12, Robinson- undrafted, Tate- $11

QB- Wilson- $55, Newton- $34, Roethlisberger- $35, Dalton- $5, Wentz- $8 (a lot of QBs were kept, these were the only ones in the qb 5-17 range that weren’t).

Cook is def a value and I love him this year but also there is more and more talk about time share which worries me…

Since its 2 QB I think you def go mahomes.

Then I’d go Gordon as I love his upside more than Robinson but if you want a safe receiver Robinson is no slouch…

So mahomes and Gordon for me… But I don’t think luck is overpriced at all so if you went him I wouldn’t be ashamed