Keeper question (Brady or Drake)

12 team standard. Have the choice to keep Brady for a 7th round or Drake for a 14z. Wanted to see what the foot clan thought.

Was just listening to the QB rating podcasts about the ability to get more productive QBs later than the 7th and get better value at WR or TE there. Drake will prob be RB2 on the season which isn’t bad at 14th round

I’d go Drake too, QB is too replaceable and 7th might be where Brady actually goes depending on your league.

im not even a big supporter of drake, but that is crazy good value for a guy who CAN be the guy there, even if i dont predict that he will. as a rule for me, i dont keep QBs or TEs. unless there is some crazy good value for them and even then i usually still try to not keep them.

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Drake, easy. No value in keeping Brady.