Keeper Question/Build of team

With a 6th round keeper as Josh Jacobs, how would you evaluate your first two rounds. Full Point PPR. Would you go RB, RB to fill flex void with possibly 3 top RBs in top 15 when there isn’t much depth at that position and play with the depth at WR? Or do i go with the best available at current draft position?

Keeping Jacobs gives you the freedom to go BPA, but I like the idea of potentially getting a second top 12 RB, depending on who is available. Unless someone tosses back MT or Adams, pairing him with a back end RB1 like Chubb/Mixon/Henry or being in a position to take Cook w/o being SOL if he holds out would be a big win

For me it would depend on my draft position and who was available. If top tier WR available I might go WR RB, if not then id prob go RB RB.