Keeper Question- Chubb and?

We are allowed two keepers in a 10 team PPR league, and I’m picking 8th in our snake draft.
I’ve decided to keep Nick Chubb for a 9th round pick, but need advice on who my second keeper should be. I have narrowed down my options to the following players:

Melvin Gordon (1st round)
Adam Thielen (6th round)
Patrick Mahomes (8th round)

Thanks in advance for your opinions!

Welcome to the forums @SethRobertsRebellion!!

You are right to keep Chubb in the 9th. Nice!

Difficult decision between the remaining players. I would lean towards Mahomes in the 8th round.

Here is the current ADP for a 10 team PPR league. How many of the first 5 RBs do you think will be kept?