Keeper question conundrum need help please!

I am in a keeper league where I can keep any 3 players that were on my roster from last year!

Please list the 3 you would keep out of these players- Ezekiel Elliot, leveon Bell, Damien Williams, James Connor, David Johnson, Adam theilen, Julian eldleman.

Thanks for your feedback

If you play 2RB and flex minimum just take the top players:

Zeke(changes if he holds out)
Pick your guy from the bell/connor choice

then smirk at your league as you have 3 top 10 backs

Only things that effect that are zekes hold out/your league only allows to start 2 rbs at once then grab thelien as your 3rd choice/ there is significant round value attached to the players

Thanks for the response, there is no round penalties on these players, we can start 2 running backs and a flex so I want the 3 stud backs it’s just tough to pick between Connor and Johnson, my plan was to keep zeke, Bell and then not sure on my last one yet

Zeke, Bell and DJ. Could have 3 top 10 RBs on your team.

I would keep Zeke, Bell, & Johnson

Thanks for the responses I like David Johnson as my third RB but worried about the offense

Can’t be any worse than last year. Arizona had the worst offense last year, only scored 225 points on the season which is an average of 13 points a game, and DJ still finished as a top 10 RB.

DJ is the no brainer and rn would be the top choice to keep. I would keep Elliot if the holdout ends and then bell. I don’t get why people are worried about DJ. His “off year” was still good, finished top 10 and scored 10 touchdowns. The offense can’t be worse so he is a no brainer for me.

Agree with the crowd…Zeke, Bell, and DJ. What WRs are left? Theilen could be a consideration if the elite WRs are all gone.

Zeke Conner DJ.

To me a no brained