Keeper Question: Deshaun Watson or Corey Davis?

I picked both up as FA’s last year, so they are both worth 10th round picks this year.

Both offer significant ADP value at the 10th round, but decent QBs are still available in the 10th.

Can you keep both or no?

No. Our league does 1 keeper per season. That’s what’s making it tough.

Watson as his trade value will be high… I actually like Corey Davis more… But I would keep Watson… Still draft Corey Davis if I could and draft another QB and then before the season or week 2 or 3 I’d trade Watson away for a good RB or WR. Whatever your team needs.

That’s my 2cents

Take Watson and don’t look back. Screw all that Corey Davis hooplah. setting don’t even matter here!