Keeper question. Edelman or Boyd?

With the reinstatment of Josh Gordon, do you guys think Edelman in the 7th is still a better keeper than Tyler Boyd in the 8th? 12 team ppr.

Good question!

What’s the scoring system?

Generally, I don’t think you can go wrong either way.

I don’t think Gordon’s presence eats significantly into Edelman’s targets. But monitor that thumb injury.

Re. Boyd, it’s just my opinion, but I think AJ Green is toast. It will take him on the longer side to come back from that injury, and when he comes back he won’t be the same. I think by the end of this season, Boyd is the centerpiece of the passing game.

Still…Edelman plays on a better team and the round differential isn’t that great, so in that scenario, I’m keeping Edelman.

Thank you for the input. Standard ppr scoring with the exception that we reward big play TDs (40 yards +3, 50 yards +5) and games with 100+ yards get a 3 point bonus. This has been my exact dialemma, the Bengals are not good, but Boyd is stepping into their WR1, at least temporarily. And Boyd can play into our bonuses better than Edelman can, kind of. Before the Gordon thing I was hands down keeping Edelman, and right now I still have him slotted as my keeper but am on the fence about it