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Keeper Question- Eifert & Aj on the same team?


Standard Scoring- 10 team. We have a keeper system that lets you keep 3 players. This year i am keeping Melvin for a 4th, Eifert for a 10th, and Jordy for an 11th. I have the 6th pick and Shady, Freeman, Ajayi, and demarco are off the board as other people’s keepers.

Question is do I go AJ Green or Evans or do I grab an RB like Howard of Fournette since so many of the top flight RBs are gone.



yeah probably howard since you already have jordy (how tf did you get him in the 11th)


I took him in the 12th the year he got hurt and stashed him. It the was the first year we did keepers and no one thought of it. lol