Keeper Question Ertz or Gordon

I am in a 10 team 3 keeper league and like most you lose your draft pick that you drafted in when you keep a player, but if you picked that player up on waivers it counts as your last pick, forever. It does not revert back to an ADP or anything like that. For example, I have had David Johnson as my 15th pick in the draft since his rookie season and never plan to give him up at that cost. I also have some other players at advantageous draft spots, but last year I grabbed Zach Ertz in the second and considering his worth as a keeper.

Full disclosure - I am an EAGLES fan - and that fact clouds my though process somewhat. Although, I am not one to load my team with homer picks when it doesn’t make sense.

These are my keeper options -
Zach Ertz for a 2nd
Melvin Gordon for a 9th
Michael Thomas for a 14th
David Johnson for a 15th

I guess the real question would be, is Melvin Gordon worth a keep as a 9th rounder or is Zach Ertz the better value?

melvin gordon for a 9th and its not even close…dont let your home team cloud your ff team…only way that changes if is if he holds out and even then for 9th might be worth the risk

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I agree, even if he is holding out, I would risk a 9th round pick on Gordon. Use that 2nd round pick to grab Zach Ertz in the draft. Or if you have a late 1st, you already have a 1st round pick locked up in DJ and a 2nd in MT.

Ertz probably isn’t going to reach his numbers from last year, even he admitted this.

Thanks guys, I was leaning that way but Ertz is also a beast! I will stick with Gordon. These will be the same keepers I used last year and being stacked at RB and with bonified #1 WR allows me to do some things early that I wouldn’t normally do in other leagues.